The book of Nehemiah is such a wonderful book that deals with a rebuilding project of the walls of Jerusalem. It is ironic how we live in a society that is all about tearing down walls, yet an entire book of the bible deals with building walls. Walls serve two purposes: 1) a wall is security for those within and 2) walls keep out what is not allowed. The walls of Jerusalem served these two purposes. It was the desire of Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and we learn that it was God’s desire as well.

I have read the book of Nehemiah multiple times and I am always reminded of how many have allowed the walls of their life to be torn down due to the pressures of the tolerant society in which we live. In our society almost everything is allowed because there are no barriers of morality anymore. If you set boundaries then you are intolerant and soon called a bigot or judgmental. Due to the walls of the personal life being torn down, many churches have allowed the barriers between the world and the church house to be removed as well. Jesus drew a line in the sand one day when He said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” The word keep here means, “to guard; to prevent escaping; to hold fast.” Amazingly the one thing that would help one to guard something and to prevent from escaping would be the use of a fence, or wall. In essence, Jesus was saying, if you love me you will guard my sayings and you will prevent them from escaping. In order to do this, we must set up barriers in our life that prevent the truth from getting away from us. Allowing anything into our minds will push important stuff out. Our minds are very much similar to that of a computer hard drive. At some point we must decide what is necessary and what isn’t, because we don’t have the capability to hold it all.

Nehemiah has been commissioned by God to “rebuild” the city walls because they have been allowed to deteriorate. It may have started from attacks by the enemy, but at some point the walls were left in disarray and allowed to fall. Many times, people and churches alike grow weary from the attacks of the enemy and just may come to the place of saying, “What’s the use?” In doing so, the walls they had set up to protect themselves are now doing nothing. It’s sad when you hear the following in reference to a Christian, “Boy I remember when they were on fire serving God. I wonder what happened?” Maybe you have even heard this said about a church, “I remember when that church was packed out each Sunday. What happened?” Something did happen, maybe convictions were allowed to falter, maybe leadership passed to someone unfaithful, maybe someone was allowed to be put in a position that should never have been there in the first place, etc. Whatever happened happened and now the church is muddling through its existence and the same goes for the individual Christian. The same had happened, in some manner, to Jerusalem. What did God do to remedy the situation? He called one man by the name of Nehemiah to go and to rebuild the walls.

God is still doing this same thing in this day. Many lives are lying in ruin, because of attacks, which have led to compromise. Like Nehemiah, the work to rebuild will not be an easy one. Nehemiah, I remind you, was not received well. There will be those who profess to want to help, just like Sanballat did with Nehemiah. Nehemiah was wise to not accept his offer. I wonder how many thought Nehemiah was unreasonable to not accept this offer to help? I wonder how many thought of Nehemiah as dictator or a lone wolf, simply because he didn’t receive the extended hand of Sanballat? Nehemiah didn’t let this stop him though, he forged on to do the work of God. Sanballat would prove to be a thorn in Nehemiah’s side, but he and his friends would not stop Nehemiah from accomplishing the work God had called him to do. How many lives, how many churches are in desperate need of having their walls rebuilt? How many men will answer the call of God to rebuild a once thriving work? How many will not allow the trials of life and the deceit of the enemy to stop them. Like Nehemiah, all we need on our side is the King’s command and the King’s support. Also, like Nehemiah, God provided the right people to surround Nehemiah to protect him, to serve with him and to keep watch for the enemy.

Reader, let God rebuild the walls in your life. Don’t let yourself become accustomed to the status quo of muddling through simply sitting on a pew week in and week out. Put God’s promises to work in your life. Understand however, this all begins with rebuilding the walls of your life. Maybe there are some things you have allowed in that you know aren’t right and maybe you’ve allowed some things to get out that shouldn’t have. Rebuild those walls and get things back to where they belong. In doing so, God will bless again and honor your life.

Until He comes again…