Have you ever really considered your, “walk with God?” We talk about it, using the phrase to describe our relationship with Him, yet have you ever really considered it? What the most crucial thing is about it, excluding it must be of faith, of course.

We read where Enoch, “walked with God,” and how the just, “walk by faith.” Now think for a second, of the most crucial point of the act of walking. One foot in front of the other, right? In order to be considered walking, a person shifts their weight forward and steps out, with their weight still leaning out, they now move the other foot forward in front of the other and so on. Seems simple enough. With this simple act in mind, now think of what the most important part of walking is? It is moving forward, one foot in front of the other, isn’t it?

Something that arrested my attention recently is the fact that we do not consciously focus on walking. We just, by faith, believe the ground will be there and we will continue to have the ability to walk. We do not walk while looking behind us, nor do we consciously focus on our previous step. Actually, we don’t really even think about our next step, unless we see an obstacle ahead.

Many today are spiritually stuck. They have ceased from walking with God. At one time it was just natural to get up on Sunday morning, get dressed, grab their bible and head to church, but something has happened. Something interrupted their walk with God. They find it difficult, nigh impossible to open their bible and read, let alone pray. There is a huge obstacle in their path. Whatever it is, it has impeded their progression. They have settled in with the blaming of another, bitterness from the treatment from someone, the discouragement of a situation, etc. Their joy has ceased and peace is nowhere to be found. Their mind is constantly thinking of something in their past.

Sometimes taking the next step seems impossible. We pretend everything is fine, yet it isn’t. We pretend we are mature and can handle the situation, but a reminder of the past reveals our anger, hurt or resentment. Truth is, we haven’t even begun to deal with the past, therefore the next step seems like it is miles away. We try to trace our steps back to get to where we once were, thinking this is the will of God, but it does no good. The obstacle has us blocked on every turn…it haunts us. We blame something or someone else, yet it is our decision to stay where we are.

Let me say this…God has no desire for you to return to where you were, but rather His will is for you to move from where you are toward Him. It matters not what used to happen, nor who you used to hang with. What matters is your closeness to God and right now, that could be in danger. With every movement, you may be moving further away from Him. The only way to move closer to Him is to deal with the past, not avoid or ignore it.

With the past dealt with, the next step could be the most important step in your walk with God, for with it shall the joy return and the peace flow freely. So, will you take the next step today?