Friendship is a tender thing. In the Proverbs, the writer states, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” I am interested, this evening, in the second part of this passage.

I am convinced that this is in reference to none other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Brothers are some of the closest siblings. They fight and argue, but one dare not to come between brothers. Friendships have been pledged over the years, from one person to another. Initials such as, BFF are used to signify the type and length of the relationship. “Best Friends Forever?” I am convinced there is no such thing as a BFF. Am I a cynic? Not at all, however I have my times of being cynical. its been said more than once how a relationship is only as strong as the trials it overcomes. It is of a truth that many a BFF profession has been tested and tried only to reveal forever didn’t last long.

On another note, to have a “best” friend, means that that friendship supersedes all others, right? I mean, it is the “BEST.” He or she has surpassed all others, at least up to that point in time. I read something recently that went, “There is only one BFF for the Christian…” The answer wasn’t provided, however I think it is pretty obvious. Today I read a quote, “If being hurt by the church causes you to lose faith in God, then your faith was in people, not God.” WOW! How true! Many who have claimed to be a friend and only to forsake that claim based upon a trial or a failure of the person they claimed to be friends with, must have forgotten a very important truth…there’s only one who is prefect.

It is a truth that there is only one friend that sticks closer than a brother and that is Christ. He is the ONLY one to keep the promise of being there forever…never to forsake…never to leave, because our humanity shows. One of the greatest things about the love of God is that He knew what we were BEFORE and still loves in spite of. The problem with people is that we love based on the behavior of another. The better they are to us, the more we love them, but let them fail us and something happens. I have often wondered, who is really the one failing who here???

Follow me for a moment. Christ already knows our tendency to sin and man’s love for darkness (John 3). He already knows our nature and the lusts that lurk beneath the hymns, the suits/dresses, the testimony, the giving and such. He knows that, what we are is still there lying in wait to reveal its ugly head…the old man. He is not surprised when we give in to temptation, how small or how big they might be. He knows our potential to sin and yet, He’s there through it all. Some preach a false doctrine that God won’t walk with you if you decide to sin, however if you are saved and the Holy Spirit dwells within and you have the promise of Heb 13:5, how can that be true? My friend, He IS there in all your failures. No one else may be, but He is! He sticks closer than ANY brother…biologically or otherwise.

I read something not to long ago, “You can’t say you forgive and then bring it up again…that’s NOT forgiveness.” Why is Jesus that one that sticks closer? Because when He forgives, He forgets and that’s why we are even able to serve Him. If He held onto to things, we would have NO hope! Thank God for His forgetfulness…AMEN??? Boy, He is a true friend indeed.

May God bless